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The Maize

Includes 2 Mazes

& Hayride

$12 per guest

(Save $36)

Plan to Visit for

1½ Hours

Combo Band

Includes 2 Mazes 

Drink, Kettle Korn

& Hayride

$18 per guest

(Save $72)

Plan to Visit for

2 Hours

Classroom in the Corn Learning Series
Hands-on learning experiences are always best when students have been prepared for what they are about to encounter and are able to then discuss what they learned afterwards. We are pleased to offer our Classroom in the Corn learning series to make your field trip more exciting and memorable … as well as a better learning experience.
These Teacher Resource Guides are broken into separate grade ranges and each include: activity goals, National Curriculum Standards, preparation required, materials needed, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions.
You can preview the materials by clicking on Pictures to the right.

(Upon scheduling your field trip, you will receive a password to download the curriculum.)

Or you can Create your own "Quiz in the Corn" Passport based upon what you are currently Teaching. Click the Custom Passport Button, send us your 10 questions and answers and we'll send you your "Quiz in the Corn" Passport! 

Reservations & Group Packages are available for groups of 12+
Additional Activities & Attractions are available. 

We can create a Special Package for your Class with lunch included...

(Kettle Korn & a Drink included with The Combo Band)

Or take home a pumpkin for your classroom!

Reserve your date Online by clicking the Blue Button Below,

by phone at (716)523-3860 or by email 

Reservations Required. No Deposit Necessary. 

Payment due upon arrival for Attending Guests.

Business Checks or Purchase Orders Accepted.

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