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$12 Per Person
(Under 3 Free)
~Includes Two~
Interactive Mazes
$10 Per Person
(Under 3 Free)
Choose a Game
Can you find 10?
Choose a Game
13 Themes
Bicentennial Maize
Bicentennial Maize
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Buffalo Bandits Maize
Buffalo Bandits Maize
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Thank You! 

For Supporting Us! so we can Give Thanks to
Our Hometown Heroes!
  MAiZE Friends!
Mother Nature vs Farming
It's a Gamble...She Wins!
Our efforts...
Step 1: Create Design
(A Really good one!)
Step 2: Plant Corn
(As Seen on Facebook!)
Step 3: Bad Weather...
(Corn Drowns, Now what?)
Step 4: Re-plant Corn
(Worse Weather & Crop)
Step 5: Re-design Maze
(Work with what you're given)
Mother Nature's
Corn Canvas
(height challenged & sparse)
Influenced Our Abstract Design "Hometown Heroes"
You will still be able to enjoy The MAiZE!
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